Sunday, 21 March 2010


I am a student at a college and am studying Media Production's.
I have recently been given an assignment to be done by Easter (which is now very soon) based on Documentaries. The assignment task was to create a documentary on a subject that was picked by a board/panel of judges. My Idea was picked (good thing), we went out and started filming (went well), done a few Vox-Pops (interviewing passer-by's on the street, ignorance but went okay) and then came back to college and try to upload onto the computers and ... typical, sound doesn't want to sync up with footage.
"HELP!" I say to the tutor ... a lesson passes and still no help from the tutor.
Complain to the tutor about equipment being *Poo* and his response was "It's not the equipment, it's the user" ... then he try's to help and what happens, he can't sort it either!
Why am I being taught by so many incompetent retards!
This whole situation has annoyed me.
Let's see what happens from now!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Today's Media.

I study media and enjoy aspects of it but I personally disagree with about 70% of Main stream Media [by this I mean non-Christian Media], I can tell you to listen to BBC Radio 1 or read Q Magazine and you will find them neglecting Christian Music a Chance into Main Stream Music. I can tell you to go and Listen to these 2 groups/bands who have tried and only shy-ed their way into Main Stream Music and that's Delirious? and the 29th Chapter both groups have released into their tracks to try and reach T40UK and only 1 of these artist have actually made it.

The 29th Chapter. 22nd February 2010 was the release of this track 'Invincible' - - Can I ask you whats up with this song? I can tell you this the Main Stream Music industry refused to give this song Air Play on radio stations such as Heart FM and BBC Radio. Why can't the media support all kinds of Music!!

Delirious? Have released Album after Album in their time together and reading this review in Q Magazine by John Aizlewood in 2006 reviewing the release of the Mission Bell album saying - "Uncompromising Christians in the lion's den of popular music, Delirious?'s world runs parallel to secular music - their records sell, their concerts sell out, but the main stream remains undisturbed. Now, the quintet have seemingly given up on non -believers and settled to preaching to the converted. As a result, The Mission Bell is their most overtly religious offering yet, which helps explain the massed choirs chanting, "Jesus! Jesus!" on the stirring Now Is The Time. Musically, their isolation is shifting them towards polished, earnest-period U2 fueled by the unbridled passion of singer Martin Smith. Still, as they must surely reflect in darker moments, without God they could be massive." ... again "without God they could be massive" ... I don't believe this way of thinking is right. Why is it that today's culture neglects what is blatantly good music just down to the fact that praise of God is in the lyrics?!!

Now I'm going to do a Quick plug of an Album you should buy, Just because these guys are amazing and because they really are General everyday guys. Tom+Olly. ... Just a taster to what you get with these guys.

Anyway Rant No.1 Out!

God Bless x

Official Blog starts.

Hey guys.
My names Ben Curtis, I am the podcast host for Welcome 2 Music Podcast.
This is a separate blog for me to vent my annoyances and thing's bothering me.

Here we go.
God Bless x