Sunday, 21 March 2010


I am a student at a college and am studying Media Production's.
I have recently been given an assignment to be done by Easter (which is now very soon) based on Documentaries. The assignment task was to create a documentary on a subject that was picked by a board/panel of judges. My Idea was picked (good thing), we went out and started filming (went well), done a few Vox-Pops (interviewing passer-by's on the street, ignorance but went okay) and then came back to college and try to upload onto the computers and ... typical, sound doesn't want to sync up with footage.
"HELP!" I say to the tutor ... a lesson passes and still no help from the tutor.
Complain to the tutor about equipment being *Poo* and his response was "It's not the equipment, it's the user" ... then he try's to help and what happens, he can't sort it either!
Why am I being taught by so many incompetent retards!
This whole situation has annoyed me.
Let's see what happens from now!

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